PTss-TOC is based on the Technology developed and ofered by Parker-Velcon, USA. PTss-Turbine Lubricaton Oil Coalescing System is designed to remove free water and solid contaminants from Turbine Lube Oil. The TOC Series units combine the latest coalescing technology with the finest available microglass filter media to restore turbine lube oil to an exceptionally clean and dry condition.The Units can be used to upgrade or replace low efficiency reservoir filtration systems.

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Equipment consists of a self-priming positve displacement pump and motor designed to work at specifed fow rate. At the frst stage is a vertcal Pre-flter vessel, a second stage horizontal Coalescer /Separator vessel, and a third stage polishing flter vessel suitably designed to take care of the Process Oil Specifcatons and its infuent characteristcs and its desired out fuent requirements. The system is factory equipped and completely tested with instruments and gauges based on the design schematcs approved for the above needs. It eliminates free water,reduces dissolved water to 150 ppm and removes particulate to ISO cleanliness of 14/11, or better.Fully automated PLC control based operation and is safe for unattended operation.


Flowrate33 LPM66 LPM100 LPM133 LPM166 LPM
Motor kW0.5 kW1 kW2.2 kW3.7 kW3.7 kW
Connection Size3/4”1 1/2”1 1/2”2”2”
Weight650 Kg700 Kg800 Kg850 Kg900 Kg
Shipping Weight1000 Kg1050 Kg1150 Kg1200 Kg1250 Kg

Power Requriements

3 Phase,415 Volts,50 Hz 3 – 5 HP

Communication Details

External Interfaces provided on TOC include Ethernet (RJ45 for SCADA over OPC Server / RS 485 / Modbus RTU and ASCII.