PTss Coimbatore is a manufacturer of Online TDS System

Filtration Solution for all Industrial Fluids and Insulating Oil used in Electric Utility

TDS – Portable for Substation Transformers
TDS – For Substation Transformers
TDS – OEM's Package – Cartridge Series
TDS – Specialised Dry out Cartridge Series
TDS – Specialised Cartridge Series
Fixed and Mounted Online TDS
TFS Onload Tap Changer Oil Filtration System
TFS Onload Tap Changer Oil Filter
Turbine Lubrication Oil Coalescing System
Turbine Oil Coalescing System
High Flow Single and Duplex Filter
High Flow Single and Duplex Filters
High Performance Filter Cartridges for all Industrial Fluids
Filter Cartridges
Hybrid System – An Integrated version of Multi Tank Filtration

Our Goal

To Satisfy every valued customers of ours with an impeccable Quality Product and seamless Predictable performance.